With one of my target audiences being the financial industry, wearing my SheSuit mirrors and reflects their own professionalism, providing the resonance for them to engage with my message.

Wendy Addison

Founder and owner of SpeakOut SpeakUp

Wendy Addison is the Founder and owner of SpeakOut SpeakUp, an organisation that shapes, builds and trains for cultures of courageous conversations that transform businesses, markets and society. Her experience and research is broad, covering organisational and behavioural change, corporate compliance procedures and policies and regulatory legislation. Additionally, Wendy is a lecturer at Surrey University and Warwick Business School in the United Kingdom.

“It is my goal to empower and train individuals to be able to engage in courageous conversations, to feel the emotions of fear and anxiety but to be able to act in spite of those feelings. Most of us are rightly appalled by domestic violence, child abuse, discrimination and unethical practices in business but feel disempowered to act. One of the key elements to interrupt and change these malpractices is the ability to engage in courageous conversations.”