The customer process

The customer is Queen

1. You choose your own fabric

Selected from the best international fabric suppliers, you can choose from over 5,000 fabrics, colours and materials. Think of: cool wool fabrics that you can wear all year round, Duchesse, Taft or Shantung silk in various bright colours, a combination of weaves, crease-resistant fabrics, indispensable for the travelling woman. Do you need a classic jacket or pair of trousers for a specific occasion? Then you can make it into your own SheSuit couture piece. This neutral garment is given a twist when you choose it with (for a) special details, for instance a different button or a lining with a fantasy print. No-one will see it, but you know!

2. You determine your own style

To find out what flatters you most and suits you best, we will take you along into the land of Tailor Made. The choice of style always starts with the choice of a collar. And separate collar wings help you make that choice. The various collar shapes show what a collar can do for your face and expression. We will discuss everything before the full-length mirror.

Next, we choose other style elements, including fastening, sleeves, length, rounding off, backside, you name it. Which style elements accentuate your assets and reflect your personality? Using samples: trousers, jacket or skirt, we determine together with you what suits you best. Do you want to turn up your sleeves, finish with a red button, a fold on the back or rather a lace fastening? Everything is possible, surprise us with your ideas! Together we will achieve a perfect result.

It is important to know whether your SheSuit garment is for a particular occasion. Is it (for) a special event, wedding, promotion, work or leisure wear? Or do you want to use the garments for various occasions? The initial consultation, which includes design and fitting, is for an hour and a half up to two hours.

3. Unique pattern per customer

To make perfectly fitting garments, we take your measurements meticulously. We start taking the basic measurements: volume sizes including bust width, waist size, arm circumference and lengths such as back lengths and leg length. On the basis of the measurements taken you will be fitted samples. On the basis of the shadow effects in the samples, among others, we can see the right proportions.

For the sake of fit the samples are pinned off to your body carefully. Next, we give shape to the style elements such as length, rounding off, nipping in, position of the pockets, and so on. The pocket just a little closer to the waist gives a slimmer appearance, a robust shoulder gives more self-confidence and a two centimetres higher collar makes you look more powerful.

4. Manufacturing time

The moment you are 100% satisfied about the design and the choice of fabrics, our team sets to work. You will pay 50% of the total amount in advance and approx. four weeks later, with a maximum extension to six weeks, the couture piece will be ready for you. During these weeks we will keep you informed of the manufacturing process of your unique SheSuit couture piece with visual material.

Your exclusive garments of SheSuit will be ready for fitting and picking up after four weeks. Sometimes some fine tuning is required. Nothing escapes our tailors’ expert eye. During final fitting we will immediately see if a garment is perfect or if, for instance, a sleeve could be a bit slimmer, or the hem just a little shorter. In most cases, these adjustments can be carried out immediately, while you are drinking a cup of coffee or tea.