Interview with Astrid Huitink-Jacobs Director at Van Lanschot Bankiers

‘clothing is an important part of my daily life. My day starts with determining what to wear. I look into my agenda and base my outfit on my conversation partner and/or the setting I am in that day.I look for a balance between an outfit that is representative, but also diverge from the average. I’m supposed to wear it with pleasure and the colours and wearing comfort must be right. That partly determines the first impression. It feels good to give attention to that.’

‘The garments I had made by SheSuit, represent a specific moment in my work or career. It is usually a reward from myself for myself, because of what I have achieved or have managed to bring about. I find it very exciting ad fun to see how an exclusive suit is created from scratch. I also get a lot of compliments for them! Sometimes I am a bit loose about clothing, but I am very careful about my SheSuit suits. Everything lasts for years and with some minor adjustments, will easily fit in with the latest fashion.’

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