Personal Couture

The personal couture of SheSuit.

What is couture?

Couture is the pinnacle of fashion. Manufactured from precious materials and masterly craftsmanship, couture pieces should rather be called pieces of art than clothing.

Freely translated, haute couture means high-quality tailoring. The craft distinguishes itself by meticulously hand-made garments, made by the most highly skilled seamstresses (cutters). The material used for the manufacture of couture pieces is of the highest quality.

Exclusiveness is not only in the material or the manufacture, but also in the originality of the design. Each couture piece is unique in its kind. The garments are meticulously tailored to the body of the person who will wear them, ensuring optimal fit. Not surprisingly, Couture is created after many hours of designing, drawing and sewing, with attention given to each detail.

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What does Personal Couture mean to you?

SheSuit will gladly advise you on your options. The choice is yours and we will gladly help you choosing styles, fabrics and materials. Make an appointment with our atelier to discuss your personal wishes with Angélique Koopmans and her colleagues.

The customer process

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