We try to create as much added value as possible for people. This goes for our clients, our colleagues, our stakeholders and the community around us.


It is our mission to make women visible in a good way, empower them, so they can realize their goals and ambitions confidently and in their own style.

Various studies have shown that diversity is important in (the top of) an organization to achieve the best results. Furthermore, it turns out that women are not only after monetary gain but will also invest in continuity and their surroundings.


SheSuit creates labour places for people who aspire to the trade of pattern designer and tailor on the highest level. For this, we have several internships available, where interested talents can train their skills under the enthusiastic and professional supervision of our SheSuit professionals.

We find it very important that colleagues work with pleasure, in an pleasant environment, in good cooperation and in a safe way, and are rewarded on conformity with the market. This way, we help inspire each other, our creativity can develop continuously and we keep growing together to create ever new designs, make the most beautiful pieces with our main aim: make clients happy.


We are very grateful to all stakeholders for their trust to make SheSuit into a successful, sustainable profitable company. Their commitment, contribution and enthusiasm are contagious and contributes to the pleasure with which we try to design and produce the most beautiful pieces together with our clients.

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