In the ‘old economy’ it was believed that growth was only possible by producing more at lower prices. Unfortunately, this has led to many malpractices in, among others, the textile and clothing industry, both economically and socially. Exploitation of natural resources an of people. We believe in the ‘new economy’.

The new economy

In the new economy it is not about much, even more, mass production, disposable products and overconsumption but about:

  • Personal design
  • Good quality
  • Functionality
  • Reliability
  • Extended use
  • Tailor made

By treating people and the planet in a responsible way, we do not want to withdraw value, but add value, for future generations as well.

For that reason, we ask a fair price for our couture pieces, based on the actual value of the precious materials we purchase and the unique, skilled production of the garments to make exclusive and personal couture for everyone.

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